Mold Remediation

The most important thing to know about mold is that you must kill it all. MDS Environmental Sheffield Services, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, has the experts and experience to provide you with mold remediation.

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The Signs of Mold

Let our expert perform environmental testing to remove indoor, household, toxic, black mold. Most of our business is residential. People might see mold and then contact us to do an air test to find out if their house is infected.

Often, the mold actually is visible. At other times, it might just be a musty odor in the home. Sometimes, people become ill, especially children. These children might continue getting sick or remain sick for a period of time.

Lab Testing

Once our staff has tested the mold, it is time to submit it to a third-party lab. Rely on us to provide you with the full results, and then provide guidance of how to rid your home of this nasty problem. We help with affordability; let us discuss prices for the treatment.